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By The Globe and Mail StaffAn online portal to help people find family and friends is coming online in a major push to make the federal government more accessible to families and friends who can’t reach their loved one.

The Family Support Network will be part of a major overhaul of the government’s website.

The portal, set to launch next month, will help people locate family and others who need their support and information.

The new Family Support website will allow people to connect with friends, family and loved ones, with a search function, contact information, information on the availability of services and information about support services.

“The Family Assistance website is a great way for people to get information about the services they can expect to receive if they get a call or a text from the government, and a great place to get help with that,” said Erin McQuaig, the minister of family and community services.

The site is the brainchild of former deputy minister Erin McKeown, who was appointed to the role last month after leaving the Liberal Party.

She was tapped to lead the department’s new Family Assistance portal after the Liberals were booted out of office by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

McQuaigs predecessor, former deputy premier Diane Finley, said the Family Assistance site was important for the families of Canadians who don’t have access to a social network.

“I think the Family Support portal is the first of its kind that has been implemented by a government agency to connect families and loved one,” she said in an interview.

“We think that it is a really good idea, and it will make a huge difference to the way we help people in the meantime.”

A family search functionOn the Family Help website, users can enter their contact information for a family, friends or a number of others.

Users can then go to their chosen family’s information page, or search for a loved one, and get details about services they could get, such as access to free counselling or other services.

To find a loved-one, users will need to click on the contact info and select a family or friend.

They will then be directed to a family search tool.

The website is not a substitute for a social media app, but will be a place to find family members and other family members who might not have a phone number.

Family members can search for friends, and the site will allow users to create groups.

“It’s an easy way for families to find each other, but it’s also a great help for people in rural areas,” McKeighans predecessor said.

“There are lots of families in rural and remote areas that are not getting the same level of services.”

A number of people were not aware of the Family Services portal and it has been a slow process, said McKeahan.

She said she’s confident the Family Protection website will be ready to launch in the next month.

A Family Services website and support serviceThe Family Protection portal will have a family and a contact information section, where people can find information about family protection and child protection services.

Family Protection will include a search tool to help family members find out how they can get help.

Family Protection will also be available through the Family Court, which allows people to file a complaint against a family member.

A number will be able to find information on child protection and support services available through a Family Court referral.

The portal will also include information about child protection referrals, including where to get advice, how to access court documents and information on how to obtain information.

Family protection referral information on Family Protection is available through Family Court and is available for people who are not a family.

A page on the Family and Family Support section will include information on access to child protection, how family members can access support services and how to contact a family support worker.

McKeighs predecessor, Diane Finleys predecessor, said family protection was not a priority.

“Our priority was to give people access to support services, and that’s the reason we made the Family Policy,” she told CBC News.

“What we have done is put family protection on the back burner.”

The Family Policy is a new set of policy changes designed to help families in remote communities, where family violence is common, find the support they need.

McGuay said family and family support services were not included in the Family Policies, which were announced last month.

“They’re not part of the new Family Policy, so it’s not on the list of priorities, but I can assure you that families and families services are one of the priorities for our government,” she added.

McKay said the new policy will help make it easier for families and others to find and access support.

“Family protection services are available to help address the needs of families and family members in the remote community,” she explained.

“And this will include services for those families who have had difficulty accessing

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