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Discord, the wildly popular chat app that lets users share, group and send messages with one another, has had trouble attracting users to its online community.

The company is now working on a new way to allow users to create and share a private account on its service, but that’s not a huge step forward.

“We are in the process of adding new features that will enable users to set their own custom profiles for Discord,” the company wrote in an email to The Times.

This could allow users who have used Discord for years to join a community of their choosing and start playing the app for free, or it could be a way to help attract new users.

Discord is a game for chat rooms, but it can be used to create a private group.

Users can create private groups by joining a chat room.

You can invite your friends to your private group, but the chat room you join will remain private.

You can set up multiple private groups for yourself, your friends or even just you and your favorite person.

The most basic of these is just your own group, and the most advanced can be customized with your personal flair.

In addition to offering a private chat room, Discord also has a “personal chat” function, in which you can set a topic for a private conversation, but you won’t see the rest of the chat in the chat.

Discord will then ask you to share the link to your conversation on your profile.

At the time of writing, Discord has about 40 million registered users and more than 2.5 billion messages.

Discord has been around for nearly two years, and it has become popular in the world of chat apps.

Many of these apps rely on the idea that users can be anonymous, meaning they don’t have to reveal their real names or email addresses.

However, some apps do have such features, and in many cases, it’s easy to track who is in a group.

Some users have expressed concern that a private messaging service would lead to the sharing of private information between groups.

In a survey by The Washington Post, about 25% of users said they have had problems with the idea of a private service, and a similar number said they would use Discord for that reason.

It’s possible that a public service would help solve these issues, but Discord has not provided any data to support this.

Discord also has been hit with a number of privacy concerns from privacy advocates, including the fact that the company allows users to block each other.

We asked Discord for comment on these concerns.

A spokesperson said that Discord is a private app, and that the user-to-user communication in the app is only available to friends.

Discords privacy policy states that it will not share information about you or your actions with third parties, including social media networks.

However it also states that its Privacy Policy can be viewed on its website at

This article has been updated to clarify that Discord will only allow you to create your own private chatroom and that Discord doesn’t offer any way to ban others.

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