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Discord server finders are back.

In 2016, they became a part of Windows 10.

Now they are back in action again.

Microsoft has updated their Discord client to version 1.2.3, bringing some major changes to the app.

First of all, you can now search for anime and games by title and description.

Secondly, you will be able to view ratings, comments, and playlists from any of the official channels.

These channels are the ones that have hosted the most games and anime on the app, but Microsoft also lets you add other channels to your favorites list.

Lastly, there are new settings for how games and videos are displayed in the app and how long it takes for them to load.

These new settings have been tweaked to make them more responsive.

In the case of videos, you get the option to play or pause them right away and the time you need to wait to do so will be displayed.

When searching for an anime, the app will show you a list of all the anime channels.

You can then click a channel name to go to that channel, which is a nice touch.

The list will also be sorted alphabetically.

For games, the list will be sorted by the newest release, while for other types of channels, it will be sort by the most recent release.

To find a game or game description, you first have to click on the name of the game.

You will then be able search for the title, the description, and the date the game was released.

You should note that these searches are currently limited to the top 20 games, but the app is looking to add more channels and games in the future.

If you need help finding an anime or game, you might want to head to Discord’s Discord server, where you can ask questions about the app or chat with other Discord users.

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