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Posted by IGN Community Manager on Monday, September 24, 2018 09:25:17Warzone servers have been updated with the latest updates to the popular Warzone multiplayer game, bringing some big changes and fixes to the experience.

The latest updates include:Battlefield: The Conclave Warzone:Added the ability to set a new class for a Warzone match.

Players can now switch between a class once per match.

Players will no longer be able to switch back to the class they previously played.

Classes:Added “Warzone” to the Battlelog for Warzone servers.

The class will be added as a new match.

Added the “Barracks” to Squad Select for Battlelog servers.

Squad Select will now allow players to quickly see what classes are available for their squad.

Players will no more be able the use a Squad Select button on the top left of the game window.

Players are able to create their own Warzone squads, and select the class that best suits them.

Players no longer have to worry about getting dropped from a squad when they are unable to find the correct class.

Warzone server stability has been improved as well.

Players that were disconnected from a Warzones server while attempting to log in will now be automatically reconnected after a short period of time.

Players should also no longer see the “server unavailable” message when attempting to join a War Zone server.

This week’s update also brings the addition of a new “Battlefield” map.

It is named “Citadel”, and will be available on all servers.

You can see the details for the “Battlezone” map below:The “Celeste” map features an expansive setting, including the iconic City of London.

You’ll be able play in the “City” map when the “Warzones” servers go live.

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