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AUSTRALIA’S new fast-serve technology will see the nation’s first tennis players use the new technology to serve the first Grand Slam title.

The new technology will allow Australian players to serve a ball on a court at speeds of up to 400km/h (250mph) when the ball touches the court.

“It’s a pretty exciting prospect for Australian tennis,” said Australian Rules Tennis Association chairman John Kavanagh.

“We’ve seen tennis play at that speed for years and years now, and now we can play tennis at that faster speed.”

The technology, known as the ATP-ATP2, was developed by a consortium of sports technology companies including Wizzrobe, The Big O, TSI and Telstra.

The Australian Rules Association (ARSA) says it will allow all Australian players who qualify to play in Grand Slam events at the ATP World Tour Finals in Dubai, where they will compete against world-class players from the likes of Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Novacane and more.ARSA’s new technology, which will be officially launched on Tuesday, is based on a concept that was first used in the UK in the late 2000s and now has the backing of the ATP.

“In the past, if you were in the US, if the ATP went to the US and they played against a US Open tennis player, they’d be playing against a player who’s probably in their top five, six, seven [in ATP rankings],” Australian Rules CEO Andy Tippett said.

“So it’s a lot easier for the Australian to play against a good Australian player, and that’s really the only way we can actually get to the World Cup.”

The world has come a long way in terms of the pace of play and the number of times we can do that.

“The new ATP-Athletic 2.0 system is similar to the ATP’s existing ATP-C ATP-G ATP-D ATP-S ATP-R ATP-E ATP-I ATP-P ATP-T ATP-V ATP-L ATP-X, but with an added speed boost.

Players will use the ATP 2.1 technology to play on the ATP ATP WorldTour Finals in the UAE on March 8.

Tippett says the ATP will be using the technology to give players an advantage on the ground.”

Australian Rules CEO John Kavanagh says the technology will enable Australian players “to be competitive on the court”.””

That’s something we’ve seen with the ATP, it’s not really about the speed, it really is about how they’re going to play the tennis.”

Australian Rules CEO John Kavanagh says the technology will enable Australian players “to be competitive on the court”.

“What they’re doing is the same thing we’ve done for players who are in the WorldTour,” he explained.

“They’ve had to work very hard on the surface of the court, they’ve had a very long time to get into a groove, and so now we have the ability to allow them to do that in a way that doesn’t involve having to go to the racket to make sure they’re at a certain tempo, and instead just going to the ball and putting it into the court.”

“So what we’ve shown is that we can give them a faster tempo and a quicker time to come into that rhythm, and we’ve also seen them be competitive with the other players in the field.”

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