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Microsoft, which is seeking to get a court to order Comcast to hand over the personal details of all of its customers, said Wednesday that it would start encrypting the web traffic for all of Comcast’s customer services, including the Xbox, Xbox Live, and the Comcast SportsNet.

The move is aimed at blocking hackers who have already penetrated the systems of major ISPs such as Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable.

“We’ve made a very clear commitment to our customers and to the people we serve that we’re going to protect their data,” Comcast spokesman Brian Eller said in a statement.

“We believe that our data-security posture is best in the industry.

The FBI is reviewing that assurance.”

The move comes amid heightened cybersecurity concerns following a series of attacks on large corporations and the nation’s infrastructure that included the recent release of a cyberattack targeting a major transportation company.

The FBI has been investigating the attacks, but it has not found any evidence that any company was targeted by the group.

The Comcast announcement comes just a few weeks after the FBI issued a warning to ISPs that they should consider moving more of their customers to encrypted web services such as TOR.

The warning also came as cybersecurity experts and industry experts warned that the FBI is looking to hack into Comcast’s systems to gather information about customers and their personal information.

Earlier this week, the FBI said it had uncovered evidence that the hackers who hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment’s network had targeted Comcast and other major internet service providers.

Sony said Wednesday it was cooperating with the investigation and has not released any further information.

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