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NFL Live, the streaming app for the NFL, has added another feature: the ability to view your league’s servers.

The NFL is partnering with the server-tracking website Metacritic, and it appears the app has been making waves for months.

You can see how many times the word “NFL” has been typed in the app on a chart, as well as how many different servers are on each screen.

That’s an interesting and interesting thing to see.

Metacritics servers are not the only ones to make waves on the NFL app, either.

Some users have complained about the lack of live stats on the website, which is owned by ESPN, and the app itself has been experiencing issues since the beginning of the year.

Metcritic reports have reported a significant drop in the number of users who use the app, with the majority of those users leaving in the last few weeks.

While that is a bit of a surprise for many, the app is a great way to watch live games from around the world.

For fans who want to stream games from the comfort of their home, the NFL Live app will keep you updated on your favorite teams, while also giving you a little something extra to watch.

For example, if you are a casual fan, you can get a few extra live stats from Metacrtics, and if you prefer to watch a game live, you have the option to view replays on a big screen on Metacratics.

For NFL fans who have been waiting for something like this, the Metacriptic app has gotten a lot of praise, too.

With this new feature, Metacres team has shown it can make a significant impact on what people want to watch online.

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