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A former Reddit employee who went by the pseudonym “reddit justice” has been promoted to Google’s CEO position.

The announcement was made by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt at a media event in San Francisco.

“Reddit has always been a great place for our employees to work, but it is no longer the only place,” Schmidt said.

“The internet is changing, and we’re seeing more and more stories about the impact that stories have on the lives of people.

We can’t wait to welcome Reddit justice to our team.”

The job title comes with the caveat that “Reddit justice” will only work on Google’s platform and “is not a full-time position.”

A company spokesperson told Fortune that the move is expected to be announced within the next month.

“We are excited to announce our latest hire to our leadership team, who will help us continue to empower the people who create the most meaningful content on the internet,” the spokesperson wrote.

“This person will be a tremendous addition to our core team.”

Google has also announced its plans to roll out a number of other initiatives, including Google+, the search engine that allows users to post links to the most popular stories from around the web.

“In 2017, we’ve seen a resurgence of community and innovation in the search giant’s platform, and our search team is constantly evolving,” Google said in a statement.

“One of our big initiatives is to make it easier for people to find great stories online and share them with their friends and loved ones.”

Reddit has also been embroiled in controversy over the past few years, with many users calling for its leadership to step down following the harassment of women and minorities that led to the resignation of the company’s CEO, Ellen Pao.

Pao was ousted last year over the company being “too friendly” to a man accused of raping a woman and was also accused of sexual harassment by former employees.

Google has been trying to improve its image over the years.

Earlier this year, it announced a number in-house initiatives, like the redesign of its search results page.

It also launched a new version of its Google News service earlier this year.

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