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When you use a proxy to host your site, it’s easy to get a proxy address that matches the IP address of your server, but it’s also possible to get an address that’s not the server’s address.

That’s because you can’t control what other sites see when you try to access the site, so your IP address might not be what it says on the tin.

To help you figure out which address is the correct proxy address, I created a simple script to test if a proxy is correct for your domain.

This script will run every 10 minutes and send you an email with a message that tells you if you’ve successfully used the proxy, or if you need to reset your proxy settings.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an account on your domain, as well as set up your proxy server.

Here’s how: 1.

Set up a domain name: Go to your domain’s administrator page.


Select the Domain Services tab.


Select a domain for your website.


On the Domain Options tab, check Enable SSL.


Check the box next to Allow proxy access from a network share.


Click Save.


Open up your browser and navigate to the IP addresses of your domains, such as


Click the “Add a new proxy” button.


Select “Proxy address.”


Enter the IP of the proxy server that you want to use.

This should be the IP that you created earlier.


Click Add.


Set the proxy to use your proxy address.

For example, if you want your domain to be accessible from, you would type 192.16.0 .

If you want it to use a different IP, such a server like, then you would enter server01 .


Check “Use my proxy server.”


Save the settings and close the browser.

To check if you have an accurate proxy, you can also click the “Test proxy” link.

The script will check the domain’s IP address, and if it’s the correct one, it will send you a message with a confirmation link.

If the proxy is working, it should work as expected.

To verify if it works correctly, open up the script again.


Enter your domain name into the domain name field.

2 to 10 Enter the correct IP address.

The IP address is usually the IP you entered earlier.

The address should be your proxy’s address, but you can choose another if necessary.

If your IP is not the correct address, try using a different proxy.

3 to 10 Test proxy.

The test should send you back a confirmation email with the result that the proxy’s IP is correct.

If it works, you have successfully used a proxy.

If not, you may need to restart your proxy.

You can check if your proxy is running by using the Proxy Services tab in the Domain Manager.

For more information, check out the documentation on how to set your proxy up.

The following script will test your proxy and will alert you when it’s working.

#!/bin/bash if [ -f “” ]; then echo “This script doesn’t exist.” exit 1 fi echo “If you see any errors, open an issue on Github.” exit 2 echo “Please let us know if you encounter any problems.” exit 3 exit 1 If you have any questions about using proxy servers, you might want to check out our guide on How to Set Up a Proxy Server.

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