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Valorant, a cookie-delivery service, has partnered with the pizza delivery app Doughnut to offer customers the option of serving cookies to customers.

Customers can also opt to have cookies delivered via an automated method.

The partnership comes just days after a New York City-based food delivery service, Deliveroo, launched a new mobile app, Deliver Me, that lets customers make personalised deliveries.

In a statement, Doughnut CEO Matt Moll said: “We’re pleased to partner with Valorance to bring a great way to serve cookies to our customers.”

Customers can sign up for Valorants service, and the service will automatically pick up the cookie packets, which will be delivered to a customer’s home address.

Customers will then have the option to receive the cookies from the app or by placing an order through the service.

“It’s really important to make your cookies secure and safe,” Moll added.

“With our cookie delivery service we can use cookies securely from our servers to deliver them to our guests.”

Doughnut is a popular pizza delivery service in the US and serves up around 1.5 million pizzas a day.

It was founded in 2016 by Matt Molls, who previously worked for Uber and Yelp.

The Doughnut app uses a system called SSL encryption, and encrypts the content of cookies sent to customers to prevent them from being read by a third party.

It also encrypts any data that customers have provided, so that cookies are safe from third parties.

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