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A few months ago, Discord was one of the hottest topics on the Internet.

It had hundreds of thousands of users who had a lot of fun playing games like Clash Royale, Minecraft, and Star Wars.

But the app wasn’t without its problems.

In September, Reddit’s chief executive, Ellen Pao, resigned after a public dispute with the CEO of the company she worked for, Alexis Ohanian.

Now, in November, Reddit has made some changes to its core product to try to bring it back into the limelight.

The company says it’s taking a “new approach” to managing the popularity of its platform.

Instead of relying on a handful of “keystone subreddits” or forums, it’s now bringing all of them to the platform, along with a “follower-only” subreddit called /r/all.

And it’s also moving away from a one-to-many model where people can subscribe to one account to see if they get featured.

This will allow users to see which subreddits are most popular and to see how many of those accounts are active.

The “re-architecture” of the app is a long way from the one Reddit users saw when they first tried it out.

Reddit was built in 2004, and its core platform is still based on the old-school text-based message app called text-to, picture-to.

It’s the platform Reddit users have used for years, and it’s not the easiest to understand.

Reddit, like most social networking platforms, is designed to help people connect with others in a social context.

That’s the reason it has a forum, /r/(topic)/, where users can talk about anything, and /r (/message)/, for messages.

But Reddit also has a way to keep track of who’s talking to who.

Reddit’s chat system, /q/, lets you quickly and easily search for people by their username, and a “message board” lets users discuss any topic, even a topic they disagree with.

Reddit users used to have a simple interface to manage their own personal message boards, but they’ve been getting better at managing them over time.

For years, Reddit was the home of communities like /r/?

and /q/ for topics and news.

Those forums, like /q?/ and /p/, were basically the place to go for the kind of content people wanted to see.

In 2012, Reddit added a chat feature, /u/, to its homepage.

The chat feature made it easier for users to ask for help on a given topic, and then it let users add more people to their chat.

When users joined /u/Chatroom, they could see what other users were saying about the topic they were talking about.

But it was also an easy way for people to ask other users about specific news items.

Users could also create their own message boards to help them stay connected with each other.

Users could also start up a sub-Reddit called /u, or /r/, and use that sub-reddit to add new users to their community.

/u and /m/ are the only two subreddits where you can add a new user to a group of people, and that new user can then create a new /u (or /r) sub-group, which will then be shared with other users in that group.

Reddit also let users start a new sub-forum called /s/, where users could discuss news items that they think are interesting.

Reddit is also a great place to create your own community.

People who created a new subreddit can now use it to create new subreddits, and other users can add them to their existing subreddits.

The most important thing Reddit has been doing is making the platform more open and inviting to new users.

For years, the platform allowed users to make and share posts about their own interests.

But as users grew more active on the platform and as their interest in topics grew, they also started posting more and more content about things like politics, sports, music, and anything else that could get their friends to share.

The Reddit community has become more diverse over time, with users of all political stripes, including conservatives and liberals, expressing interest in politics.

Now that the platform has made this more open, users are more likely to use it as a place to talk about politics, as well as more often than not, they’ll post political posts.

The changes to the app are meant to help make Reddit more appealing to a wider swath of users, but the changes are also meant to make it easier to manage.

It seems like a good time to talk a little bit about how this change is going to affect Reddit.

Reddit, and the other social networking apps it supports, have always had a central place for their users to post.

It was a big part of what made the platforms great in the first place.

But over time they’ve realized that the way users

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