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Raspberry Pi, like most home computers, is built with one goal in mind: to serve you all the fun you could possibly want.

With that in mind, Minecraft has been designed with multiple goals in mind.

Minecraft server is built for server play, not gaming.

To that end, it’s built to scale up to accommodate both.

Here’s how you can use Minecraft server to play with other people.


Download Minecraft server and install it on your Pi, either on your Mac or PC.

You can also download Minecraft server for the Pi, which you can then install and play on the Pi. 2.

On your Pi or Mac, download Minecraft client from here, which lets you run Minecraft on your computer, as well as on the Raspberry Pi.

It should look something like this: $ curl –install 3.

Connect to your Pi with SSH or a SSH tunnel.

Run this command: $ sudo ssh [email protected] In the example above, we’re connecting to pi3 on port 3333, but you can connect to any other port you like.


On the Raspberry pi, navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the latest Minecraft client to install it.

Now, you can run Minecraft client on the device.

This will launch Minecraft server.

If you’re connecting via SSH or SSH tunnel, you’ll need to make sure that SSH port 7777 is set to 127.0.0 .

You can do that by typing this command in terminal on the raspberry pi: $ ssh pi7777 The command is set up to run on port 7887.


On Windows, you will need to download Minecraft Client from here.

You will also need to install Minecraft Server from here and install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from here to the Raspberry PI.

To install Minecraft Client, run the following command from the command prompt: $ cd Downloads/minecraft/server $ java -jar minecraftclient.jar The command below is the same as above, but this time we’re installing Minecraft Server and the JRE and the JDK.


In your terminal, type the following commands: $ java –jar mineminecraftclient1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -jar myserver.jar In the above command, we are downloading and installing Minecraft Client.

Now run this command from your terminal to get Minecraft server running: $ ./ -j10 -c1 -n -p7 -p5 -t10 -r10 7.

When you’re done, you should see Minecraft server, minecraft client, mineminecraft server and minecraft server.

The output will look like this.

Minecraft server is running successfully.


To make Minecraft server work on your Windows PC, you need to add the Minecraft server directory to your PATH environment variable.

To do this, type: $ echo $PATH | grep server Now you can start Minecraft server with this command on your PC: $ node server.js This will make the server start on port 8080.


You’ll need an SSH tunnel or SSH server to connect to the Minecraft servers.

The command that launches Minecraft server will ask for the server IP address, port number and username.

You should provide these details when you connect.

Type these in terminal: $ docker run -d -p 8080:80 -p 5000:5000 -p 9999:9999 -v $(pidof minecraftserver) myserver This will start the server.


On any other computer, you are now running Minecraft server at your own server IP and port number.


On Linux, you must set the environment variable SSH_PORT to the IP address of your server.

This command will tell the Minecraft client what port to use: $ cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config ssh_port=7777 You should change this to the server’s IP address and port (if you’re on a Windows machine).


Finally, on Linux, make sure to install and start Minecraft client.

To launch Minecraft client, type this command at the terminal: ./client -h To connect to your Minecraft server via SSH, type your SSH password when you are logged in. 13.

If all else fails, you could use a Windows client or a Java client to connect and play Minecraft on the same server.

To run a Java Java applet, type java -cp minecraft-server.class -jar .jar .

This will give you a list of Java applets you can launch on your Minecraft client’s console.


If none of these work, you may have trouble launching the server on the Windows console. To try it

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