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AUSTRALIA’S first-ever women’s volleyball team is in trouble after it was criticised for using the word ‘f**king gutsy’ to describe its performance in a qualifying match in Sydney.

The team had been preparing for a first-round match against Australia’s first-place side, the Sydney Stars, when coach Sarah Gannon tweeted “I’m so sick of these players being so arrogant”.

The tweet came after the team had won their first match in the Australian Open against Australia and New Zealand in the Women’s Sevens Series and ended with the tweet, which the Sydney Times reported was a reference to the team’s loss in the final.

Gannon told the Sydney Morning Herald the tweet was “not a bad thing”.

“It was a bit of a gutsy move but it was a gutshot, so we were really embarrassed about it,” she said.

“It’s just so hard to understand the word that’s in that tweet.”

Ms Gannon said she was unaware of the word until the match was over.

“I’m not even sure it’s the word,” she told the newspaper.

“When it was said in my team meeting, we had a bit more to work with on it.”

Ms Doolan said it was “quite funny” that Ms Gannon would have to be aware of the term “gut” when using it on social media.

“That’s a word that I use to describe my own personal qualities and it’s so flattering to say that I’m a gutty person,” she added.

“But it was just a really gutsy, gutsy statement and I think the word has taken it to a whole new level.”

We’ve got a really strong core of people who have the same personality and they’re all so resilient and resilient people.

“I think it’s just been really funny, and we’ve had a lot of fun in that regard.”

The team’s coach, Sydney Stars coach Jennifer Doolany, said she did not believe the word was a “bad word”.

“I don’t know what’s been said,” she joked.

“To be honest, I didn’t even think about it because it was so much more than that.”

She said it did not make her think of the words that she had been using, but rather the team as a whole.

“In my life, I’ve been through a lot, a lot,” she explained.

“So when I get up in front of my team, I think of all the things that I’ve gone through, I have a bit to say and it kind of feels like a team.”


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