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Microsoft, the makers of Windows and Microsoft’s mobile OS, are bringing servers to the Internet.

It’s not a big deal.

What is big is that they are bringing it to you.

This new server network will be designed to run on a Windows 10 machine that is capable of running Linux, Apache, PHP, and the like, but that also has a lot of memory and bandwidth to spare.

For a start, it has four terabytes of RAM, but this is not the full allotment, which will be increased to six terabytes.

It also has gigabit Ethernet and 10GB of hard disk space.

It will also be able to handle more memory than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which each have about three terabytes, and a gigabit network interface.

Microsoft has put a lot into building the servers for the cloud, so it’s not surprising that they’re using them to power the Internet on its own.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud will provide servers to developers, companies, and individuals to run the new IoT server.

It has a massive capacity to house the hardware, but it is limited in the amount of memory it can have, so developers can’t build on top of the hardware.

Microsoft is also using the cloud to provide a way for companies to host their own servers, so that they can provide a platform to build applications on.

Microsoft, which has been building and deploying servers for over a decade, has made server farms for the big companies on its Azure cloud, where developers can build apps on top.

They’re also building cloud servers for developers, and for those who are just getting started.

There’s been plenty of chatter about this new cloud.

One popular post on Reddit has people talking about how they’d be able use their own server farms to run their own IoT applications.

Microsoft and Microsoft Research have been building servers to be able run IoT applications, and that’s not only for Azure, but also for other cloud services.

They’ve been building the hardware to run these IoT applications on, and it’s been running the cloud for years.

But what’s different now is that the cloud is building the server farms themselves.

Microsoft announced this week that they will be building these servers in partnership with Microsoft Research to host these applications.

The server farms are made of high-density silicon and have multiple physical cores.

These cores are dedicated to running the applications.

This means that if one of the cores is overloaded with data, the other cores can take over and continue running.

Microsoft said it has already built these servers, but they are still in the early stages of testing, and there is no word on when they will actually go live.

Microsoft says it will be shipping a number of servers that will be used for the IoT applications by 2021.

It is unclear whether the server farm will be made up of servers in a cluster or on individual servers, or both.

This is a big change from previous years.

Last year, Microsoft’s own Windows 10 server farm was the first commercial server farm to come out of Microsoft Research.

But Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 cloud servers were built using their own hardware, not Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft did announce earlier this month that it is working on making its own server farm as well.

It didn’t say how many of these servers will be built or when they’ll be available.

We will be keeping an eye on this story as it develops.

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